Central Texas Ruffugees

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Their life begins with a journey.

Central Texas Ruffugees is saving lives one dog and one mile at a time.  CTR rescues dogs from small, rural towns in mostly central and south Tx.  We work with reputable and committed rescues, in the North, who find our sweet pups their forever homes.  We are a 501c3, non-profit organization funding solely through donations and fundraising. 

 Our Mission 

When I found out that there are dog rescues, in the North, that continually run low on dogs, I thought “I have a van. I can drive dogs from Tx, to them”.  Thankfully, my partner in crime, Kent, was 100% in on the idea. So, Central Texas Ruffugees was born. We nolonger drive dogs, ourselves, but hire compassionate transporters to get our dogs safely to their destinations. With the help of other rescues, we gather dogs from remote, rural shelters and areas, where they have little hope of making it out alive. We work with our pawtners in the PNW and the NE to find homes for these dogs. CTR provides financial help for the vetting and transport of these lucky dogs. Our tagline is “Their Lives Begin With a Journey” and we could not be more fulfilled to have been a part of their journey.