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Fostering Saves Lives

Foster caregivers provide our dogs with safe homes and lots of TLC until they move on to our rescue partners in the north.

Interested in becoming a foster? Learn more about how it works  and then submit a foster application. 

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Guide Lines

We require a completed foster application and an interview.

  • Foster parents must be 21 years of age or older

  • Foster parents must be able to provide a safe, loving and stable environment for the foster animal. 

  • In some instances, experience with animal behavior or medical issues is a plus but not necessary. 

  • Foster parents must have common sense and patience. 


The responsibilities of the foster volunteer include the daily care and maintenance of the foster dog(s), providing them with fresh food and water, and any necessary medications. 

  • Making sure they are safe, comfortable, and socialized during their stay in your home is important. 

  • Foster parents are also responsible for communicating to the foster coordinator any concerns, whether medical, behavioral, or other. 

  • Foster parents must be able to transport their foster animal to and from veterinary appointments and transport. 

Medical Treatment Guidelines

  • Almost all of our dogs come to us with at least one vaccination and, if old enough, their rabies shot.  The first few days for a new foster dog, intestinal issues is not uncommon.  They have just come into a new environment and are on new food.  If you feel like your foster needs to see a vet, please contact the foster coordinator, first. If you do choose to take your foster dog to your vet, without first having it approved, it will be an out of pocket expense for you.  

  • We provide vaccinations, heartworm medicine, flea/tick treatment and all the moral support you could need.

Not Your Typical Rescue


CTR is not your typical rescue.  We do not adopt our dogs out locally.  We send our dogs to our rescue partners in the north who find them loving homes. It is not easy to see your dog put on transport and not get a chance to meet the adopters.  It is not for everyone. Our fosters never have to do home checks or interviews with potential adopters but for someone who does want to meet their pups new person, we would recommend applying to foster at Save An Angel, Blue Dog Rescue or Soulfullispawsible.

Act as if what you do makes a difference

They Need You

Fostering is not easy.  The dogs will come into your home from unknown backgrounds.  Most of the time they are not housetrained nor do they walk well on the leash.  The first week they will cry in their crates, get you up in the night and not immediately adhere to your schedule. If you are not a patient person and can't stand the thought of extra hair to sweep up, then fostering is not for you.

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