It Takes A Village

I've said this, before. It takes one person to get rid of a dog and it takes a village to save it. Here is how it works....Joe Schmoe decides he wants to move and it would be too much trouble to bring his dog along with him. So, Joe takes his dog to his local shelter and drops him off. Joe is now foot loose and doggie free and away he goes.

Joe's dog is now at the local shelter where volunteers come in to take pictures and make please on social media. The pleas often read "Dogs On Deadline!!!!". A rescue group sees the plea, checks their foster and fund availability and if able, offers to help. The dog is probably not in the immediate vicinity so now we go to social media focused on transport. A plea for transport support is posted and once a volunteer is found, the dog will be pulled and through the amazing transport volunteer, the dog makes it to the rescue group's foster home. The awesome foster home will make sure the dog is loved and cared for, taken to a vet clinic who has offered to help the rescue group with low cost vet care and makes it to adoption events and promoted through all available social medias. In the case of my group, a foster home will hang on to their pup till we can find transport, through volunteers, flying or paid drivers, to rescue groups in the North.

In conclusion, Joe Schmo made the decision to get rid of his dog. It took no less than 4 to 5 different people/groups to save Joe's dog. Let's hope Joe refrains from getting another dog.

It takes a village


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