Send Us Your Big, Your Black and Your Nondescript Brown Dogs

It’s no secret in rescue that it hard to adopt out dogs who are over 55lbs, black or nondescript brown dogs. Petfinder, the most popular site on the internet in helping match adopters to their new pets, did a study. They found that black dogs took 4 times as long to find a home as any other color of dog. So, when our rescue partner in the PNW told us, we LOVE black dogs, we were ecstatic.

Since we began working with the PNW and the NE, we’ve sent them big dogs, black dogs, brown dogs and everything in between. They’ve all found homes in no more than 14 days. The average being 5 days. Dogs who had languished in their rescues or were slated to be euthanized at shelters, all found homes, quickly.

Why do people in Texas seem to be more selective in the color or size of their dog? Because they can. Because, it doesn’t matter the season, at any given time in Texas, you can find puppies, small dogs, white dogs, multi-colored dogs, long hair, short hair, you name it. Granted, you might not be able to find a purebred Yorkie puppy but you can find an adult Yorkie. You might not be able to find a German Shorthaired puppy but I know where you can find a pretty good selection of GSPs. There is a breed rescue for almost any breed in Texas. Why? Because, people, in Texas, throw away their dogs like they throw away their fast food cups.

Myself and my fellow friends-in-rescue have heard it all. Just last week I had a fellow rescuer tell me she knew a family who acquired a puppy. When the energetic puppy grew up into an energetic dog, they got rid of it. Six months later they got another puppy. What? You screwed up by not training the first one so you get a do-over? Just yesterday, I saw a Facebook post where a family just HAD to adopt an 8-week old puppy from the shelter for their daughter. They returned her 7-mos later because their daughter started sports and they were too busy for a dog.

We are forever grateful for our rescue partners in WA and their readiness to take the unwanted dogs from Texas. We realize that they might not be so open armed if they had the selection that we do in Texas. Thankfully the PNW and the NE are not TX. Which, I will add, is the number one state in the US, for euthanizing dogs and cats. If they were, they wouldn’t have the capacity to take our big, our brown or our black dogs.

These are just a few of the dogs we have sent north. Every single one has their own unique story but the one thing they do have in common, is that they were all rejected, neglected and discarded by Tx. Thanks to the rescuers, who believed they were worth something and stepped up to be their champions. These pups have all found homes in the PNW or the NE.


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