Their Life Begins With a Journey

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

"Their life begins with a journey" is Central Texas Ruffugees motto. Our group works with other like minded people to help pull dogs from small, rural areas and transport them to rescues, we have previously vetted, in the North. It is not commonly known and it is hard for us, in Texas, to fathom but there are actually waiting lists for people, who want to rescue their next fur-friend, in states like Washington, Virginia, Missouri and Pennsylvania. You can speculate on why this is. Some say it is because they have better spay/neuter laws in the North. I'm not so sure that's the reason. As I'm driving my rescue dogs to WA, I see signs, on the side of the road, "German Shorthaired Pointers For Sale" or "XYZ Breed Sold Here". But, regardless of the reason, they have a shortage of rescue dogs, in these states, and Texas euthanizes more dogs than any other state so I'm going to do what I can to help as many dogs as I can, make it out of Texas alive. So, with the help of my trusty partner, Kent Snead, and my furry side-kick, Kona, since October 2017, we have driven, flown, hired someone else to drive, nearly 100 dogs to the north. We are not the only group using transport as their main method of rescuing Texas dogs. We are for sure nowhere near the largest, but we are doing what we can and I know that though I cannot save them all, myself, for each dog I do save, I have made a difference to them.

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